About BCO

The Brixton Chamber Orchestra provides fantastic live orchestral experiences for wide-ranging audiences in Brixton and beyond. One aim is to popularise the live performance of classical music and present it to new and varied audiences, often in unexpected venues. We also enjoy working on innovative collaborations with all sorts of artists from a variety of musical traditions which have included Grime, Gospel, Rock, Folk, Jazz & R’n’B. We are Brixton’s own orchestra: a product of local talent and the unique blend of creative energy and cultural diversity which characterises the area.

We strive to maintain the highest quality of music performance, with our young principals trained at the UK’s top conservatoires. This works in combination with our auditioned volunteer musician base, who contribute great spirit and ethos to the orchestra. Engagement with our local community is central to our philosophy, as shown through our many outreach
and public events. This has gained us publicity and airtime on national television and coverage in national press. With a diverse mixture of musicians, we are at the forefront of Brixton’s home-grown music-making.

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